Saturday, August 16, 2014

Forgiveness : way to happiness.

Hurt is in the normal flow of life. Events, circumstances, and behaviours are its cause. In normal human interactions, there are times when we get hurt and there are times when we cause hurt. To hurt and be hurt is human. Hurt is the pain of life. The grief of life.

Our actions in this world have motivations. These motivations carry the baggage of expectations. It is these expectations that are the cause of pain, the cause of sorry, the cause of hurt and grief. We expect to receive something. When we do not get it, we feel hurt.Sometimes we are the recipient of hurt. Sometimes we are the cause of hurt caused to others. The more hurt we cause to others, the more we will be punished with hurt in the future. This is karma. This is justice.Sometimes it is in the depth of emotional hurt that we find our true ourselves. We find the people who really matter. We find the values that matter. Deep pain causes melancholy and leads to a reflective state. We reach within our depths to find a solution to our suffering. There are two types of possible reactions to hurt. Two possible solutions. The first solution permanently solves the pain and suffering. The second solution leads to a further increase of the problem.

The first solution or reaction is called forgiveness. The second possible reaction is called revenge.

When we forgive and ask for forgiveness, we broaden our humanity. Our hurt melts in the breadth of our forgiveness. When we forgive, we elevate our spirituality. We rise above the cause. The cause seems to small. We suddenly our standing like a giant with our forgiveness. There is a precondition to be able to act in this grand way. First, we have to drop our pride and ego. Once we can do that with ease, forgiveness comes easy. Hurt becomes only a distant memory.

But there is a second way of reaction to hurt, a reaction which is more popularly practised, termed as revenge. When we are hurt, we suddenly realise that our pride and high status must be defended and protected. We become protectors of our pride. We build a fabled wall of invincibility around us. We try to live upto our invincible image. The protection of pride and ego is the chief reason why people resort to revenge. Revenge is a losing game. Your hurt will only increase. The more the revenge, the more the hurt. You will be pulled into a destructive, emotional whirlpool. Beware !

I have analysed hurt, the cause of hurt, and the possible solutions. This simple analysis has depth of meaning and wisdom. In its practise lies the keys of happiness.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Gift of being you

The human part of you is always seeking, questioning and aspiring. It wants proof to believe in something. This body-mind is conditioned to compare, be logical and reach for understanding. It is never certain about anything. Yet, thinks it wants to own, possess and accumulate, always needs more.  It also reacts emotionally based on a sense of perceived events in limited space and time. Human function stems from fear.

Notice what happens as you track fear back to its source.  It loses power.  Notice what happens as you begin to recognize beliefs are only beliefs, and that anything only ever takes on the meaning and value you give it.  Suddenly, you are awakening in ways that tell you the external world no longer controls your attention. Notice every angry person you encounter is a priceless gift. Each one invites you to snap out of a trance.

As you begin to sense the awareness that is, the quality of existing shifts.  Time loses significance. Duality is irrelevant. Everyone and everything you see is a reflection of yourself inviting you to recognize the same message.  Listen closely to the heart.  It knows what exists right now in this moment.  The gift of who you are is self aware, self-recognizing.  Everything you are taught about your-Self falls away. Silence tells all.