Tuesday, August 04, 2015


 It’s almost a year when i wrote my last blog . A lot changed in past, many of good , few of bad. But i believe that's how the life goes on. In last one year there are  many good moments which i cherish . I am blessed and surrounded with fabulous people , those who constantly inspire and motivate medirectly or indirectly.

Last year in AUGUST I came across few bloggers through Google plus one of the social networking giant . That was the time when i was utterly low with self-confidence and was hardly left with enthusiasm to do anything in my life. As i was wandering around the social networking site to pull myself up, I came across few of the lovely people on blogger, those who were sharing their thoughts . Every time I read someone's blog , it gave me a pump of adrenaline rush in my body. I am quite not sure whether to mention there name , but they really taught me a lot .

I sincerely want to give credit to all of them , because of them i am again pulling myself up to this. And this blog post wouldn't be possible without them.

There has been lot going within me from a very long time , but lately when i look back i find everything scattered here and there. Things are still at the same place where they were last year and last to last year and i don't know since when. Many of you must be thinking , how nasty i am ? And the answer is YES i am.. First of all i would like to clear up few thing , I am talking about my work, ideas and thought not the stuffs lying here and there in my house. And i am sure many would have thought about the later one, never mind.  

I have been thinking a lot over many thing to start and turn it into a reality , but all i see is “NOTHING”. Yesterday i was going through one of my online blogger friends recent blog which was about not writing for an month . And suddenly I found myself drowned in a big question “ IF not now, WHEN???” 

And this thought haven't let me sleep for the whole night . And i believe I have the answer , “ IT’s NOW “.
Believing in self and all of your motivation and inspiration i will write again . Not just for the sake of writing , but to reach out to people and share the wisdom and thoughts .

Someone has said it very profoundly “ Keep moving even when low, you never know how many you are INSPIRING.”