Saturday, August 08, 2015


Lately at the office while having conversation with one of my colleague , I bumped into an random word “ MONEY” . while referring to the word I mean what are the easiest ways of making money (LEGALLY ). In INDIA , majority of people wants to have such a job where there is very minimal work pressure or not at all. And that is only possible by getting in to any of the GOVERNMENT sectors.

After having an odd talk for 15 mins while sipping the coffee as it was invaded by other colleague, my mind was stuck at the same topic “ MONEY ”. Every mind posses a different ideology towards this very powerful  tool.  The reason I choose to call money a powerful tool is because of  its constructive nature. But most importantly the tools which can build can also demolish nearly anything  right from simple relationship to any nation.
Most of you must have read or heard these lines:

MONEY can buy you bed but not sleep.

MONEY can buy you friends but not friendship.

I don’t completely agree , rather I have my own take on it. Till your basic needs and desires are getting fulfilled MONEY will never be your priority. And for sure in this era life is nearly impossible without money.  Now here comes the most interesting part , while I was going through some random handsome payers in the market in terms of payouts , my eyes fall for an article. In India a beggar on average makes Rs.1000/- a day. That is nearly Rs.30, 000/- a month and over that they don’t have to pay any taxes, as well as all the benefits under the government schemes. That’s astonishing .

Now with the above context one thing is very clear , in order to have all the luxury in your life you don't have to be necessarily literate. Here in Bangalore , a man who is a barber has 30 INOVA cars, and if you wonder , he also owns a royal’s royce , 3 BMW and same number of jaguars to his fleet. He also owns a villa at one of the posh localities in b’lore. And he still cuts hairs.

Before getting into my profession , i never worried much about money. I still remember my interview for the company i am working for . One of the Managers asked me,” How much am i expecting from the company? “ And very proudly i gave the reply, Money is not my priority , but my job role with work satisfaction is.And here i am writing about the same matter . Exactly after a year , my thought for this very powerful tool has bit bend. Now all i see in myself is fulfilling my needs . If there is any thing in this whole world i am most scared of , thats  MONEY. I have seen best buddies becoming worst enemies .
One quote which is firmly stick in my head is , Never let money come in between you and your beloved or bestie , the day it happens that will be the worst nightmare. And most worst part is , this damage can never be repaired.

This tool has to be used very wisely , and I am still an amateur who is learning how to use it.