Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Learning - " The Way of Life"

Alright, it’s bit weird that I was almost half sleep ,and it's been hardly 30 mins and here I am , couldn't stop myself from writing this blog . I have no clue where it all this started 30 mins before. I am still trying hard to figure out that one single word or the incident that made me sacrifice my sleep nearly at 3:30 AM . Now the reason i took my laptop out is the topic . I believe it all started when my girl started talking about kids , because while having the dinner I was watching a BBC Documentary on TWINS Sister’s. And lately I started thinking about my childhood , how I was ? the difficulties I had tackling various situations and holding up to the schools and the subjects taught . Rather the documentary is completely irrelevant to my topic, but’s that where all this started as far as I can collect.

Now in this century the education system has changed a lot. Back in 90’s the best source of knowledge were books, more you read , more you are likely to know off. And when I look at the kids around me , they seems to be more technically sound and smart . I remember myself getting down in a battle of conversation with a teenage boy about mobile and computing device . And to much of my amaze that little kid was way ahead of what I was at his age. 

With time , the way we learnt has change a lot. Completely from flip charts and posters to most of the digitised content . Rather more appropriately not most , but EVERYTHING . 
I had a great opportunity to work with Mr. Shishir Gupta (Gyanantar Tech Life Solutions Pvt. Ltd. ) who was also my mentor while I was working with the organisation. So ,before getting deeper into my topic I would like to give a brief INTRO what I actually did at Gyanantar. It was my final year of degree, when I got in touch with this organization, as I was looking for some sort of work where I can get paid . This organization's main motive is to bring changes to our today's methodology of teaching at schools by moral , ethical and social ways blending them all together with proven scientific methodologies . At the initial stage I was delivering keynotes and was helping Mr. Gupta with workshops and Seminars at different schools and colleges. And later I was training new interns . Overall it was a Fun job. 

I  still remember my first meet with him at his house . I was tying my best to be best. But as it said, “A true eye catches every single details” . I still have a habit of mine, moreover it’s but obvious natural that my hands keeps fiddling around with almost anything. As I recollect while he was talking about the organisation and its role , I was busy playing with the pen in one hand and mobile with the other. If there would be anyone else at his position he or she would have definitely interrupted in between. I never knew these things until he spoke about me while addressing to the new INTERN’s. And in his context I was one of the good examples of kinesthetic learner. Some of you must be familiar with the word, but most of you won't be, so was’t  I til I met him. To me there were only and typically two types of learners, one who Understands everything and the other who mugs up everything. And I considered myself an exception, because i was neither of them. And that's the reason why i had tough time at school. My parents though i had this rebellious nature toward studies , more relevantly behavioural issue. But some how i managed to pass school's ( LUCKY ME). And all these question about my difficulties with learning where unanswered till i met him .

For sure this article will help most of you to understand the kid’s and the best way to teach and engage with them, So that the content can be fed to them in more productive and fun way , the way they wanted it to be. 
Alright , technically there are four types of learners, but relevantly and theoretically it can very depending upon the learning styles with varying individuals . 

So the four types which i most prefer to address are  :
1. Visual learners ,
2. Auditory learners,
3. Read-write learners, and 
4. Kinesthetic learners.

Firstly , let me talk about the visual learner . Visual learners learn best by looking at graphics, watching a demonstration, or reading. For them, it’s easy to look at charts and graphs, but they may have difficulty focusing while listening to an explanation. More they see , more they learn.

Visual learners are characterised by the following:
❙ They tend to be fast talkers.
❙ They exhibit impatience and have a tendency to interrupt.
❙ They use words and phrases that evoke visual images.
❙ They learn by seeing and visualising.

The teaching strategy for visual learners should include the use of demonstrations and visually pleasing materials, and you should make an effort to paint mental pictures for learners.You might have came across few kids who are very good in making stories. They have the power of taking you to an unimaginable place with there stories . 

Secondly, the auditory learners. Auditory learners would rather listen to things being explained than read about them. Reciting information out loud and having music in the background may be a common study method. 
Auditory learners are characterised by the following:
❙ They speak slowly and tend to be natural listeners.
❙ They think in a linear manner.
❙ They prefer to have things explained to them verbally rather than to read written information.
❙ They learn by listening and verbalising.

The teaching strategy for auditory learners should sound good and should be planned and delivered in the form of an organised conversation.

Read-write learners are characterised by the following:
❙ They prefer for information to be displayed in writing, such as lists of ideas.
❙ They emphasise text-based input and output.
❙ They enjoy reading and writing in all forms.

The teaching strategy for read-write learners should include writing out key words in list form. The learners will learn by silently reading or rewriting their notes repeatedly; writing out in their own words the ideas and principles that were taught or discussed; organising any diagrams,graphs, other visual depictions into statements (e.g., “The trend is . . . ”); and putting reactions, actions, diagrams, charts, and flowcharts into words. They like multiple-choice tests.

And last the Kinesthetic Learners. Kinesthetic learners process information best through a “hands-on” experience. Actually doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. Sitting still while studying may be difficult, but writing things down makes it easier to understand.

Kinesthetic learners are characterised by the following:
❙ They talk thoughtfully.
❙ They are keen observers.
❙ They use all their senses to engage in learning.
❙ They learn by doing and solving real-life problems.
❙ They like hands-on approaches to things and learn through trial and error.

The teaching strategy for kinesthetic learners should include hands-on demonstrations and case examples to be discussed and solved.

I am a Kinesthetic learners. And since the day I got to know about my learning style, I got all the answers to every lasting pile of questions. Now when I am more aware of what suits my way of learning and what are all the best ways possible to feed my brain , my work around has become lot more easier. It has also helped me in helping the kids around me in figuring out what type of learners they are and by helping their parents in order to understand the best possible way they can feed their kids . 

I hope this article will help many of you in order to understand the behaviour of your kids, or the one around you . Every good change has to start with us. “ Earlier ,the better”. Help a child to ripe most out of him .

This blog is dedicated to Mr. Shishir Gupta , with whom I learned a lot. Every day was a new lesson learnt . My crazy talks with you for endless hours are unforgettable . Thank you for helping me in order to find out what my true potential is and what am I capable of . Thank you for motivating and inspiring me . Thank you for letting me be the part of all your work. Thank you for lending your valuable time just to listen to my craziest thoughts. I am still looking forward to the official proposal to be a part of your work. And for sure I am gonna keep my words that I will wear a yellow shirt with a red tie of white polka dots on it. 

If any of you are looking for more INFO you can visit his website

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