Sunday, September 11, 2011

Transcend All Identities

If we human beings are mortal, then how is it that we desire eternal existence, knowledge and bliss? Human beings devoid of the attributes of existence, knowledge and bliss,logically cannot express the desire to live in the world eternally , to attain complete knowledge and complete bliss.
Beyond the existence of the physical body, u can directly feel the existence of mind, intellect and perverted ego. As we are of a finite nature, our mental and intellectual capacities are also finite. The existence of perverted ego can be perceived by the presence of specific thoughts such as thinking that one belongs to this or that country; this or that religion; that one speaks this or that language or belongs to this or that group - whatever it may be. It may be questioned whether after death of the physical body there is the existence of any such nationalist, religious or language groups- in fact, it may be pertinent 2 ask whether everything is destroyed or if there is the existence of a subtle body consisting of mind, intelligence and perverted ego or even beyond that, the existence of an eternal entity.
Human birth is best due to endowment of the special quality of power of discrimination between good and bad and eternal and non-eternal. Physical bodies are in the grip of numerous births and deaths, ad are subject 2 many other drawbacks. This renders the physical body 2 being non-eternal. If this physical body is non-eternal then he body's sense organs must be non-eternal. Therefore, if there should be any eternal entity, it must exist beyond the comprehension of human material non-eternal sense organs.
In the Mahabharata,Arjuna was blessed with divine eyes, so that he may witness the vishwarupa of Krishna, a dazzling sight. Thousands were present at Kurukshetra when Krishna revealed His Virat form, yet Arjuna was the only one 2 see Him like that, why?
The supreme God is infinite; everything about his is infinite. He has created countless species 2 a plan. If one accepts that human beings can determine their own cause by means of material senses, mind or intellect, then that will be a mentally or intellectually concocted thing. That will not be Reality. If Reality is in fact reality, then He must always exist. What is the Truth? Why do we wish 2 be eternal? Why are we eager 2 learn and 2 experience bliss? We are a part of the supreme - so we are like the Supreme in some respects. He is Sacchidananda and so are we. Sat in Sanskrit means eternal life, chit is eternal knowledge and ananda is eternal bliss. Soul is Sacchidananda.
We were given this limited body 2 know our true identity. Our duty is not 2 hanker after temporary bliss, but 2 have eternal bliss. We  have 2 find ways 2 realize our true identity 2 become servants of Sacchidananda. Since we are part of the supreme Lord, it is our primary task 2 serve Him or to act in a way that pleases Him. Once we realize Him, we will also realize other eternal truths, and know that not only He, but His Associates, too, do not take birth, but descend.